Used Financial Equipment That Will Reduce Human Errors

If you deal with a lot of monetary exchanges at your place of business, investing in financial equipment may be essential. Recycled financial equipment can reduce human errors. This type of equipment is sold below the comparable cost of new equipment.

​A Cash Recycler

A cash recycler is a unit that contains sensors, storage cassettes, a deposit slot, and a withdrawal slot. A cash recycler is commonly used in banks and other places of business that handle large volumes of cash. As money is deposited into a recycler, it is authenticated and placed within a storage tray. Money can be withdrawn from the machine as needed.

A used cash recycler may have been acquired through an owner who has closed their business or who has decided to purchase new equipment. When a machine is repurposed, it is inspected and cleaned. Any electrical components may be replaced if they are currently not working properly. Diagnostic testing may be performed on a used recycler to ensure that money cycles through the equipment properly.

Desktop Machines

Counterfeit detectors, cash sorters, and coin wrappers are among the types of desktop equipment that can be used for small-scale sorting and counting processes. A counterfeit detector contains a sensor and will determine if cash is authentic. A used machine may be broken down during the refurbishment process. Since a sensor can work improperly if dust accumulates on it, compressed air may be used to clean the inside of a detector. Afterward, a technician will reassemble a detector and test out how the equipment works.

Counters and coin wrappers are two types of equipment that can be used to count and organize paper and coin money. Used sorters will be inspected for accuracy, prior to being resold. Coin wrappers may use manual or automated processes. A manual wrapper that is being repurposed may need to be cleaned. An automated coin wrapper that is being repurposed will need to be inspected and cleaned. 

Using the Equipment

After purchasing some financial machines that have been repurposed, teach your staff how to use the equipment. The pieces of equipment should be installed in an area that is off-limits to your customers. When a customer exchanges a large sum of cash, a cashier can accept the cash and use one of the financial machines to authenticate the money. On the occasions when money will be deposited in a bank account, the financial equipment can be used to count and organize the funds beforehand.  

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