Doing a Photo Shoot? Two Reasons To Get In-Home Custom Framing

Extravagant photo shoots are not just for models or the rich and famous. Beautiful images captured by skilled photographers are now within reach for almost anyone who desires to have them. Pictures take on a different meaning when they are taken outside in nature as opposed to the traditional, fully-posed studios. You may have scheduled a photoshoot for either yourself, friends, or family and can't wait for the big day to arrive. After you have received the proofs find out why you should arrange an in-home custom framing session.

Custom Frames Add Dimension To Your Photographs

Placing your magnificent pictures in store-bought frames can actually take away from the overall luxuriousness of the shot. While you can certainly find a few unique frames in a retail facility, they may not fully possess the gloriousness that you want to exhibit. Custom frames are made according to your exact desires and are available in colors you may not come across at the mall. The frames also have other distinct benefits that you may want to pay attention to!

Custom frames usually come complete with tempered glass that is much more durable than anything you could acquire on your own. The tempered glass not only protects against shattering but it guards your picture and acts as a shield to keep the colors from fading. Custom frame makers often use a unique mixture of glazes, glosses, and the matting of your choice to enhance the picture and make it look absolutely incredible.

In-Home Custom Framing is Perfect for Your Forever Home

During an in-home custom framing session, the framing professional carefully measures out the spaces where you would like to hang your new pictures. For example, you might decide you want a frame that goes from the floor to the ceiling. It's a very dramatic, eye-catching look that is meant to convey a sense of power and stability to the viewer. Or, you might want frames that stretch from one side of the wall all the way to the other. You're able to have your frames made according to your exact terms and this is excellent if you've found your dream home and plan to remain in the house for the remainder of your days. 

An in-home picture framing session can help you get to know your house all over again. After your photoshoot, get on the phone with a custom framer to make your appointment immediately.

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