Key Features to Seek Out in a Spiral Binding Machine

Spiral binding is one of the more common ways to secure loose papers together. However, this process requires a special machine known as a spiral binding device. It will punch holes evenly along the side of papers and attach spiral coils to them. You just need to get a spiral binding machine that has a couple of key features.

Metal Body Built to Last 

The main service a spiral binding machine will perform is punching through different materials such as paper. In order to perform these actions effectively for as long as possible, the spiral binding machine needs to be built to last. If it isn't and has cheaply made components, then the constant punching is going to cause a lot of wear and tear that you may not be able to overcome with meaningful repairs. Spiral binding machines that feature a lot of metal materials, as opposed to plastic, will give you better design quality and ultimately a longer-lasting unit.

Removable Pins

Sometimes you may not want to put too many holes along the side of papers when trying to secure them together. There might be instances where only a couple of punctures would suffice. In that case, try looking for a spiral binding machine that has removable pins. This will also allow you to designate which portions on the side of paper receive punctures. You'll just remove select pins and when the spiral binding machine starts, no punctures will occur around those areas. You'll have added customization when puncturing different things and securing spiral coils to them.

Clean Punching Capabilities

If you have a spiral binding machine that doesn't puncture materials cleanly, you might have to start looking for problems with the machine. For example, the materials may not get punctured all the way through, which often just means more manual work you will have to deal with.

On the other hand, if you get a spiral binding machine that offers clean punching capabilities, you won't have to do much after this machine performs its punching role. You'll have holes that are spaced apart appropriately with no left-over materials. The strength of this machine will ultimately determine how clean it can punch through papers and other materials. 

Spiral binding machines are a handy resource to have when looking to bind materials using spiral cords. You ultimately want to get a machine that has as many helpful features as possible so that you aren't forced into working that hard. For more information, contact a local spiral binding machine company, such as Spiel Associates, INC, to learn more.

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