Purchasing A Guide-Bearing Babbitt For A Pump? Learn Of These 3 Problems That Can Happen

If you use a pump, you know how important it is for the weight of the shaft to be supported well. To get this support, a guide-bearing babbitt is needed. This babbitt also helps the surface from becoming damaged when the shaft rotates in the pump. This bearing has a lining, which is made of an alloy that has a low melting point. If you are purchasing a guide-bearing babbitt, you need to be aware of problems that can occur. This way, you can get the guide-bearing babbitt repaired quicker before bigger problems happen.

Babbitt Fatigue

One common problem that can happen with guide-bearing babbitts is fatigue. This will happen as the babbitt ages, in most cases. If your guide-bearing babbitt has this problem, you will notice the wiping at a much slower speed. This can also be caused by the bearing being misaligned.

In many cases, the guide-bearing babbitt can be repaired by a qualified repair company. If you continue to use your pump, however, this will cause great damage to the babbitt and it will likely have to be replaced. For example, the guide-bearing babbitt could develop cracks over time.

Bond Loss Between the Base Metal And Babbitt

Losing the bond that is between the base metal and the babbitt is also a common problem. This is commonly due to heat from high temperatures when the pump is running. Your pump may overheat while it is running and stop running completely.

If you are having problems with the pump doing this, then you need to have the pump repaired so the babbitt does not become damaged further. You also need to have the babbitt repaired.

Foreign Particles

Foreign particles can get inside the pump. If this happens, these particles will also get onto the guide-bearing babbitt. If you are having this problem, you may hear a noise when running your pump that isn't normal. The gear itself may not work at all if there are a lot of particles built up on it.

Fortunately, this problem is generally easy to repair. For example, cleaning the inside of the pump thoroughly will be needed. The guide-bearing babbitt will also need to be removed and cleaned. The pump should then start working normally again. These particles are generally due to the pump being older. 

There are more problems that you can have with a guide-bearing babbitt, such as oil burn, frosting, spark tracks, and babbitt wiping.Reach out to a guide-bearing babbitt repair service for more information.

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