4 Little-Known Ways To Lower Air Conditioner Costs

Running your air conditioner, of course, keeps you that much more comfortable in your home during the hot days. However, hearing your air conditioner whizzing during the day also makes you cringe thinking about the next energy bill that you are going to get in the mail most likely.

This is why you want to know of every possible way to keep your energy costs low while still being able to run your AC during the day. Here are four little-known ways to lower those costs:

  1. Improve Your Landscaping: Many homeowners don't realize that just by improving the landscaping in your home, you can easily lower the costs of running your AC every month. You should plant trees in front of windows that see a great deal of sunshine during the day. This will ensure that not as much sun is getting into your home, which prevents it from heating up so quickly. 
  2. Install Solar Screens: An affordable way to make your windows let less of the sun's harsh UV rays into your home is to install solar screens instead of installing window film directly on the windows. Although solar screens are more affordable, they aren't as effective as window film, but they do block up to 70% of the UV rays. Just be sure that you keep your windows shut during the day to get the most out of the solar screens. 
  3. Circulate the Air: Yes, you have an air conditioner, which makes many homeowners think that they don't need fans. However, using fans in the home is going to help circulate the air to help your home cool down that much faster. If you close the windows on one side of the home and place then fan in front of it while you open the windows on the opposite side, you are going to get a nice cross-breeze. 
  4. Cook Without the Stove or Oven: Using the stove or oven to cook during the day should be skipped on hot days. Consider making sandwiches or salads. Not only will these meals help keep you cool, but skipping out on using the stove and oven will ensure that your home stays cool, as well. When you use the stove or oven, you will notice that your home will heat up quickly and you will have to turn up the AC. 

By knowing these four ways to help lower air conditioning costs, you can be sure that you save money and stay that much more comfortable on extremely warm days. To learn more, contact a company like Air Conditioning & Heating Inc. with any questions you have.

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