Tips To Reduce Pool Maintenance Time

When people buy their first pools or buy their first house that already has a pool installed, they tend to be surprised by how much time it takes to maintain the pool. Some people even become leery when others want to go swimming because they dread the maintenance they will have to do later on. Here you can learn why your pool parties can make your job easier, as well as other tips that can help you reduce the amount of time you spend maintaining your pool.

Invest in a Saltwater System

A saltwater system can significantly reduce the amount of time you spend maintaining your pool, as well as the amount of money you spend on the things you add to your pool. A saltwater system turns salt into chlorine. This means you still have chlorine in your pool, but you have a steady flow of it rather than random bursts. Because of this steady flow of chlorine, your pool will be less prone to develop problems with algae and bacteria. Salt is also far less expensive than the other chemicals that you would put in a system that isn't saltwater based, so you save money and spend less time fighting algae as well.

Keep the Pool Active

The more frequently you have people in your pool, the better the chlorine is dispersed through the pool. Rather than just being pushed through in one steady, constant stream around the pool, the water will experience a constant churning, giving the chlorine a chance to mix with all the water in the pool.

Cover the Pool

Sunlight can cause some of the worst problems with your pool, especially if the water isn't active. Keep your pool covered when you aren't using it so that you can prevent the water from being exposed to the sun without having the benefit of movement in the water.

Use an Automatic Vacuum

By using an automatic vacuum in your pool, you can get your cleaning done even if you are sleeping. The vacuum cleans the entire pool on its own, and also creates a bit of motion in the water so that even when no one is in the pool, the water gets more activity and the chemicals are more evenly dispersed.

By using a few simple solutions, you can reduce the cost of pool maintenance and even avoid pool repairs that can be the result of a poorly maintained pool. For more information, or if you would like professional assistance, contact Bright And Clear Pool Care or a similar company.

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