Why Your Food Business Needs Metal Detectable Food Pens

If you are working in the commercial food industry, you have to ensure the safety of your food. Avoiding contamination is difficult, especially when your workers regularly label food containers and products at the end of the production line. However, to prevent contamination from using ink pens, experts have developed detectable pens. These pens are safe and help reduce contamination risks by giving you control over the products. Below are some reasons why metal detectable food pens are important to your business.

1.   Health and safety accommodations

If you have worked in the food industry, you know the importance of detectable pens in food production. It has a continuous ink flow that works in low temperature settings. Additionally, the ink is made of antimicrobial material, which prevents the spread of bacteria, making it safe to use by multiple workers without contaminating food. The ink is non-toxic, therefore, contamination risks are low if it accidentally pours on the food. Detectable pens' safety features have made them very common in food chain industries and pharmacies.

2.   Writes on more than just paper

There are certain surfaces that regular pens' ink cannot penetrate and stick on to make writing visible. Regular pens are designed to write on papers and like materials, and writing on other surfaces makes them fade away. However, detectable pens are made of high-quality ink that writes on different surfaces such as glass, metal, plastics, and grease. These pens label any surface, making it easy to communicate critical information to workers. Their flexibility and ability to write on grease smoothly have made them popular both in the food and automotive industry.

3.   Customized operational needs

One of the great features of detectable pens is their ability to be designed according to a company's needs and operations. The designs vary depending on the preference of the business owner. Some of the customized features include retractable parts and special clips. The color designs are also done according to a company's guidelines. For instance, some companies prefer to use pens whose colors match their theme, logo, or uniform. Therefore, these pens are useful to businesses since they can be designed for specific purposes.


Numerous food companies are benefiting from detectable metal pens. They are flexible and can write on various surfaces with less contamination risks . They are also customized according to a company's operations and requirements. When purchasing the pen, ensure you get help from a professional to guide you on the correct pen to buy that matches your production needs. The professional will also advise you on the materials, size, and color to ensure you get the most out of detectable pens.

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