5 Unique Characteristics To Look For In A Perfect Vintage Watch

Every vintage buyer wishes to come across a vintage watch that's in perfect condition. However, being in good condition is not the only character to look for when it comes to vintage watches. There are other characteristics you should make note of as well.

Untouched Dial

Finding a vintage watch that has an intact dial is the joy of every buyer. An untouched dial increases the worth of the vintage watch, thus an advantage to the buyer. However, besides having an intact dial, check its originality. You can achieve this by assessing the dial, the hands, and the crown of the watch. 

If you are not able to identify these aspects, it's essential to use a trained eye to check for you if the dial is original, especially if you are not buying from a well-known vintage watch dealer.

Metal Used

In general, the best vintage watches are made of platinum, gold, or stainless steel. However, it's always advisable to ensure you check if the material used is not just coated. The back case of many original vintage watches has markings that show the metal type that was used. For instance, if it's made from stainless steel, there are markings written in bold declaring what metal was used.

Additionally, it's essential to check the respective hallmark of the amount of gold or platinum used to make the watch. For example, if it's a gold vintage watch, it will have the number of carats used.

Historical Inscriptions

Vintage watches that tell the story of its origin, life length, or any other historical report are vital. Although not everyone would prefer this inscription, they are essential. For instance, getting to learn the history of the watch and the important person who wore it those decades ago can easily make it more special to the buyer.

Availability of Documentation

Buying a vintage watch with all proper documentation is another bonus. However, the critical thing is to get an original vintage watch. Additionally, documentations enable the buyer to know if there were modifications done on the vintage watch or just as the manufacturer made. 

Availability of Serial Number

Finally, a vintage watch with a serial number inscribed on it is an added advantage. Serial numbers help the buyer correlate the date to when the vintage watch was made. You can check by running the serial number on an online database that records the vintage watches available in the market. It also enables you to get more information about the watch and the authenticity and origin of the vintage watch.

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