3 Creative Ways to Use Mailing Tubes

Mailing tubes are cylindrical and have pretty decent durability to them. These properties work well with projects besides just shipping purposes. Here are some creative projects that can really benefit from mailing tubes.

Light Holding Hardware 

You may have elegant lights you want to hang up around the house but may not have the right hardware to keep them secure. If you want to save money on purchasing light-holding hardware, then consider mailing tubes as an option.

Since mailing tubes are pretty thick and can support a good deal of weight, they work exceptionally well when holding lights in place. You can easily combine multiple mailing tubes too to have a very large structure to hang up lights, whether their LEDs or traditional string lights. You can paint the mailing tubes too to make them more decorative when holding lights.

Desk Organizers 

You may have a desk with a lot of clutter. That creates a lot of stress that may be hindering your ability to work effectively around this space. You can purchase desk organizers to de-clutter items. Use mailing tubes and you won't have to spend that much money at all on these organizing solutions. 

They will provide an enclosed space for a lot of important desk essentials, including pencils, pens, markers, paperclips, and staples just to name a few. Mailing tubes can be cut or custom ordered too so that they fit your particular desk area perfectly. You'll just need to secure a cap at the bottom of these tubes so that your desk essentials don't fall out when you lift the tubes.

Coin Holders 

It's pretty common to have a bunch of coins sitting around after months of paying for things. If you want to tidy up this change and make it much easier to travel with when you go to cash it in for paper money, consider turning mailing tubes into coin holders. These tubes have the perfect structure for holding a bunch of coins without damage. You can put caps at the bottom of your tubes so that the change doesn't spill out. Then you can leave an opening at the top to easily change the placement. 

Mailing tubes aren't just reserved for shipping things like important documents. They can be used in all sorts of ways thanks to their sizing options and flexible specs. You're only really limited on ideas you can come up with. 

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