Benefits Of Light Therapy Pain Relief

For those that suffer from chronic pain, any type of relief is welcome. Light therapy is one of the newer treatments available, and it is proving effective for many people. The following can help you better understand how it works as well as guide you in choosing the best device.

Treatment Basics

Light therapy devices typically use red or near-infrared lights to treat pain. Depending on the device, other colors in the light spectrum may also be an option. If the light is on the infrared spectrum, you won't be able to see it, but you can feel the heat from the light when it is in contact with your skin. These devices deliver the light using targeted LEDs or laser light technology.

Mitochondria in your cells can absorb light on the red and infrared spectrum. The working medical theory is that the mitochondria convert the light to energy, which is then used to repair cells and modify pain receptors so that you experience less chronic pain.

Applicable Conditions

Light therapy for pain relief is not suitable for all conditions, but there are some that it works especially well for. The most obvious treatments for which light therapy can be used are muscle and joint pain conditions, such as foot and back pain or tendonitis. It can also be used for dental pain and other superficial pains that are easy to trace to the root cause. Athletes often use light therapy for treating sore muscles, as well as the pain from minor sprains and stresses.

There have also been some surprising findings for less obvious conditions. For example, some dementia patients have responded well to light therapy applied to the head. Hair loss as well as certain skin conditions have also improved following light therapy, perhaps because the same processes that alleviate pain also alleviate these conditions.

Device Options

There are a couple of things to keep in mind when shopping for a device. The first is intended use. Devices come in different shapes and styles, so make sure that yours can be easily attached to the part of the body where you plan to use it. Wand-style devices work well for many different applications, while foot devices are made to fit around your foot specifically.

Portability is also something to keep in mind. A large pad device to set your feet on, for example, isn't very portable. Select a smaller portable light therapy device if you plan to toss it in a gym bag or suitcase.

Contact a company that sells products like Circulation Plus light therapy devices for more help when choosing the best option for your pain treatment needs.

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