Preparing For Disaster Survival? 4 Tips To Get You Off To A Good Start

If you're preparing for the next big disaster, whether natural or man-made, you've got to make sure that you're prepared to protect yourself and your family. It's not enough to have food, water, and shelter planned for. In a disaster, it will be essential that you're able to provide for your own protection. Here are four things you need to make sure you're ready to protect yourself during a disaster. 

A Good Survival Handbook

When it comes to surviving a disaster, the first thing you need to have is a good survival handbook. You may think that you're well-educated in all things survival, and you may be. However, when disaster strikes and chaos ensues, you might forget everything you know. If that happens, you're going to need something to fall back on, which is where the survival handbook comes into the picture. 

The Right Rifle for the Job

While you're preparing for disaster, be sure you have the right rifle on hand. You may have hunting rifles and sports rifles; however, without the right survival rifle, you won't be fully prepared to protect yourself and your family. During a disaster, you'll want to have your rifle with you at all times, which means it will need to be light-weight and compact. It should also have the ability to hold multiple rounds. If you choose a bolt-action rifle, be sure to spend plenty of time at the range before a disaster strikes. You'll want to be proficient with the bolt once you are faced with a disaster situation. 

A Sturdy Back-Up Handgun

In addition to the survival rifle, you should also have at least one sturdy back-up handgun in your arsenal. Handguns are an essential part of any survival plan. One of the benefits of having a handgun during a disaster is that they're easily concealed, and they can be used as a back-up should you be unable to use your rifle. 

Plenty of Ammunition

Once you have your survival firearms, make sure you store plenty of ammunition for each one. It's not enough to have a few boxes of ammunition. You should have several hundred rounds of each round. It's also essential that you store your ammunition properly. When storing your ammunition for survival, be sure to choose airtight, water-tight containers. That way, your ammunition will be protected against weather damage. It's also important that you store your weapons and ammunition in a secure location.

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