Some Supplies That Make Moving Day Easier

In order to have a trouble-free and stress-free move, you need to have the right supplies on hand. For starters, you need boxes, tape, blankets, and moving pads. There are also other supplies that come in handy you may not think of, but will wish you had. Here are some moving supplies you'll want to have when you're packing or unpacking from your move.

Furniture-Moving Equipment

Even if you hire a mover to load and unload your furniture, you'll still need to move it around as you pack and when you place it in its permanent position in your new home. To make the job easier, you'll want a hand truck and sliders. The sliders fit under table and couch legs so the furniture glides across the floor. This saves you from lifting heavy things and protects your floor too. The hand truck makes it easy to move things like a refrigerator and stove. You can move heavy boxes with a hand truck too, and that can save you from hurting yourself from too much lifting. You can buy this equipment, or you can rent a hand truck for the day of your move.

Cushioning Material

You'll need to cushion fragile items when you place them in boxes. You can buy bubble wrap for this or you can use old newspapers. If you have a lot of lead time before you move, you can ask your neighbors to pass on their old papers during the weeks and months before you start packing. Wadded newspapers make great cushioning, and the best thing is that they're free. Don't underestimate how much cushioning material you'll need. The more you have, the less risk there is of damage.

Packing Supplies

Besides boxes and rolls of tape, you'll need other supplies for packing. You'll probably have many boxes, so it's a good idea to invest in a tape gun that rolls the tape on and cuts it for you. This eliminates the frustration of ripping tape and having it stick to everything but the box. You'll also want a box cutter so you can easily open the boxes when you're at your new place. Also, you need a good labeling system. You may want to keep it simple and write on the boxes with a marker. In that case, you'll want a supply of markers on hand in case you misplace one. You could also use colored stickers and assign a color to each room of your new home.

Protective Equipment

Whether you load and unload things or just unpack the boxes, you'll need to wear protective equipment. Gloves protect your hands from scrapes and cuts. You may also want to wear a back brace if you'll do heavy lifting during the move. It's also a good idea to wear sturdy shoes so you have good traction when carrying heavy items. Sturdy shoes also provide protection if you drop something on your toes. Other protective equipment is for your furniture and goods. Be sure to have straps and ropes for holding your things in place while being transported in a truck. Have a first aid kit on hand so you can tend to minor cuts and other injuries that occur.

Consider all the things you'll need for a smooth move and have them on hand on moving day so you won't have to drop everything and run out for moving supplies you forgot about. Plan your move early and stay organized because waiting until the last minute to pack and move increases your risk of something going wrong.

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