Go Naked: Tips For Skipping The Linens At Your Next Party

Want to spare the cost of renting, buying, and laundering linens for your next party or event? You can save quite a bit of your budget when you skip the linens and go linen-less!

A few ways to highlight your tables and spare the expense of linens are:

Add A Metal Table-Topper

If you want a classy, chic look at your next event without the hassle of linens, check out metal table-toppers. These are gorgeous, and silver-finished toppers will reflect and mirror the look of your glassware, food, and table. These are easy to clean and provide a polished, modern touch to your party or function. For more information about this option, check out Laguna Spandex Linens

Apply A Vinyl Cling

For an inexpensive alternative to linens, consider using vinyl cling on your tabletops. This can be peeled away easily after the event, so it is a temporary solution that might be most-suited to rented tables. There are many intriguing designs to complement your table, such as faux stained glass or imitation stone facades.

Check Out Novelty Placements

Skip the tablecloths and cloth napkins at a casual affair by using novelty placemats instead. These can poke fun at the guest of honor or provide comic relief for guests as they enjoy drinks or nosh. These can also be an effective way at bringing a touch of whimsy to your table-scapes.

Repurpose Old Doors

For casual events, recycle and repurpose old doors by mounting them on horses or staging to create aesthetically-appealing tables. Use cool, vintage doors that are flat enough to facilitate food and drink service during your function. Don't try to use doors that are all the same, as the distinctions will add to the appeal of the décor.

Some other tips for going linen-less include:

  • Apply waterproof contact paper to the table; this will give them a decorative look while also allowing for easy clean-up. This is a permanent solution so make sure that you don't use contact paper on rented tables.
  • For informal or outdoor affairs, buy big rolls of butcher's paper to extend on each of your rectangular tables. This works well for barbecue or beach-themed events, like a clam-bake.
  • Rent conversation tables, wicker or wood, that don't require setting at all and that still accommodate dishes, drinks, and cutlery.

Talk with vendors and merchants that offer table-toppers that are a pragmatic alternative to the hassle of linens. Use these tips to come up with your own inventive solution that will both highlight your tables and take laundering linens out of the equation. 

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