Trim The Fat On Your Resume To Offer A Lean, Mean Job-Seeking Machine

One of the challenges of writing a resume is that it can be difficult to leave things out. You want to come off well-rounded to your prospective employer, so it's easy to rationalize that the more things you include on the resume, the better chance you'll have of landing an interview. What you might be overlooking, however, is the fact that most hiring managers don't have time to peruse page upon page of facts about each candidate — and, in some cases, important and relevant details on your resume may get overlooked because there are too many other entries clogging the document up. If you're seeking employment through a staffing agency, ask a rep how long he or she would like your document to be. Otherwise, do some trimming in these areas and you'll increase your likelihood of getting called for an interview.

List Of Your Hobbies

Many people list their hobbies on their resume. The concern with doing so is that there's little value to taking up space for these details — no employer is realistically going to hire you because you like both photography and painting. Getting rid of the entire hobbies section can free up several lines of space on your resume to make it more succinct. Don't be afraid of hitting the "Delete" key — it's your relevant skills and education, not what you do in your spare time, that an employer wants to see.

Outdated Job History

You don't need to list every single job position you've held since graduating. While you might feel that doing so shows that you've been steadily employed since joining the workforce out of college, there may be some early jobs that have nothing to do with the industry you're seeking to join now. For example, including a mention that you worked delivering pizzas for a year before you found a job in your field doesn't really increase your value to a prospective employer.

Short-Term Employment

Talk to your agency rep about the inclusion of short-term employment on your resume. If you've worked a handful of short contracts through the agency, this is useful to include — but make sure that it's clear they were contract jobs. Employers can be wary of people who have too many short-term jobs in their work history, as this may suggest that someone jumps quickly from job to job. In this case, an employer may be leery to hire you because he or she feels that you might not be a long-term fit. To learn more, speak with someone like Career Opportunities.

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