Four Options For Business Telephone Systems And How They Operate

Business telephones are still a necessary part of doing business because customers and clients have questions that may not be answered via your website. If you are opening a new business for the first time, there are four options for business telephone systems. Here are those options and how they operate.


POTS, or "plain old telephone system," is a traditional landline that delivers what you would expect. It receives incoming calls, routes them to the correct department and allows you and your employees to make outbound calls. The telephone signals operate across traditional telephone wires and lines. POTS is ideal for very small to small businesses that do not have several departments or multiple locations and do not need their phone systems to do anything really fancy.

Telephone via Cable Jacks

Telephone systems that operate via cable TV jacks typically plug into the back of a cable TV box. While it is not necessary to actually have cable TV pumped into the office to receive telephone service, you still need the cable TV line into the office to get your phone service. The upshot is that you can add other services, such as internet, to your phone service via the cable TV boxes.


VoIP, or "voice over internet protocol," is a phone service that is delivered over the same lines as your internet service. For this reason, it is often inseparable from internet service and you have to purchase the two services together. If your business or company handles a lot of internet sales and service, then this is a very good option for you. It is also a good option if you use programs such as Skype to communicate to your customers and/or clients. Customers and clients enjoy communicating with a live human being in real time, instead of being electronically rerouted through dialing and systems options. If you know that you have lots of customers or clients who would rather speak face-to-face, then you should definitely give VoIP a try.

Telephone via Fiber Optics

Bundled fiber optic strands deliver phone, internet and cable TV services to your building/office. The benefits to this service is that the connections are always clear and travel quickly over the fiber optic strands. Calls are never interrupted or dropped. It is the most technologically-advanced option for telephone systems, and can be connected through data system towers on- or offsite of your building or office space.

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