Need Inexpensive Ways To Promote Your Business At Holiday Parades? What Are Your Best Options?

Fall and winter bring a variety of unique marketing opportunities for small businesses, nonprofits, and even charity organizations -- but few of these events carry the anticipation and excitement of a holiday parade. For organizations able to participate in these events, having some small customized items to help raise awareness of your brand and the services you offer can be the key to making the most of a marketing opportunity. Read on to learn more about getting the best bang for your buck when purchasing inexpensive promotional items. 


Stickers hold several advantages over business cards and other ways to convey crucial information in a limited amount of space -- they're kid-friendly and are much more likely to end up stuck somewhere semi-permanently rather than tossed in the trash or floating around the bottom of a handbag. Putting your logo on a sticker can be eye-catching, and including your website, phone number, or a brief slogan can provide all the information your potential customers or clients need to get started.

There are many custom sticker printing companies located throughout the U.S., and it's likely you'll be able to order these stickers online from the comfort of your home or business, by simply uploading to the vendor's website any images you'd like as the sticker background and specifying the other information to be included. Visit a site like for more information. 

Chip clips

Another inexpensive and effective way to get your business name and information out there is by having some bag clips or "chip clips" printed with your organization's information. These clips are handy, particularly for families with young children, and you'll ensure that your organization comes to the forefront of the user's mind each time he or she retrieves a bag of snacks from the pantry. Chip clips are also lightweight, making them ideal for including in goody bags or even gently tossing into the crowd during a parade.  

Pizza cutters

For those who want to spend a bit more money but don't want the typical promotional items like pens and pencils, stress balls, or other easily-misplaced items, a branded plastic pizza cutter can be an ideal solution. These pizza cutters are highly durable and dishwasher-safe, ensuring your organization's name and logo will remain visible for years to come and providing you with a business boost each time the recipient's family enjoys a fresh pizza at home. 

Candy wrappers

For Halloween and Christmas parades, candy can be king -- so wrapping chocolate bars or fruit chews with customized labels that contain your business's information is a great way to promote your business while also handing out items kids are all but guaranteed to love. 

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