Worried About Storage Security? 3 Qualities To Look For In A Facility

Storage facilities range from having just the basics in a place to store your belongings to a high-tech facility with automatic gates, electric fences, elevators, climate controlled buildings, and more. Although you may like the idea of spending a small amount of money on a storage unit, you may be a little concerned about security, considering the investment you're making in a unit. A 10x15 foot unit may be a minimum of $75 without climate control and $115 with it, but even the non-climate controlled unit can go up to $140 depending on the area and features. To put your security worries to rest and ensure your investment, you need to analyze facilities based on the security qualities they provide.

Strategical Office Location

It is easy to look at a facility and consider things like a tall fence, onsite security, and surveillance cameras as the primary aspects of security. But, there is a lot more that you can analyze about a complex. The office location is a perfect example, because it could be located where it increases security. If the easiest place to get in is through the front gate, having an office there will keep people from trying to get through when they are not a customer and are not permitted to enter the premises. Also, making it so that the office has vision of most or all of the facility can make it seem as if the whole property is well-secured.

Gate with Keypad Access

Although an open entrance can still provide outstanding security for customers, you will appreciate when a gate is implemented and only able to be opened by those who have the PIN code. It is even better when a company takes the initiative to change the code often and keep their customers updated. This way, past customers and those who have managed to get their hands on it will not have consistent access.

Indoor Units Offered

It is important not to think of indoor units as only being useful for their climate control offerings. A building full of storage units is great because it makes providing security easier for the business. Instead of having to watch over an open space where restricting access is only possible through a fence, a company can add surveillance cameras to the outside and inside of the building to maximize security measures. Then, the building can be laid out in a way to prevent potential thieves from being able to conceal themselves.

Prioritizing these qualities will help you feel confident about renting a unit after a thorough analysis.

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