Putting Your Shoes in Storage? Learn How to Protect Them

When you put your shoes in storage, the goal is to take them out of storage in the same condition you placed them inside. Just how successful you are in this area has everything to do with you and your efforts. Make sure you are putting your shoes in storage with protection in mind.   

Skip the One-Box Method

When packing up old shoes, in terms of convenience, things don't get any better than tossing all your shoes into one large box. However, in terms of preservation, you will likely come up short of your goal if you do this. Shoes carry all types of bacteria on their bottoms.

When you toss shoes together, these bacteria can travel to other shoes and cause staining, mold and mildew development, and a number of other problems. Storing your shoes in this manner also increases the likelihood of scuffing. Whatever the issue, the damage can be permanent. Resist the urge to toss all your shoes in a single box.

Invest in Proper Storage

It would be ideal to store each pair of shoes in its original box; however, if you're like most people, you probably don't have the boxes anymore. For this reason, it's wise to invest in proper shoe storage. Consider purchasing a plastic shoe tote, a shoe rack, or a shoe tree to fulfill this need.

All of these options prevent scuffing and ensure proper ventilation, which is key to fighting off dry rotting. Whichever option you choose, never store a shoe in a storage option that is too small, as this can permanently alter the shape of the shoe.

Prepare Your Shoes

One of the most critical parts of this entire process is to prepare your shoes for storage. You never want to wear a shoe and place it straight in storage. First, you should begin by cleaning the shoe. When a shoe is clean, there is less a risk for the spread of any damaging bacteria. Follow the shoe's care instructions to clean them appropriately.

After cleaning, allow the shoe to thoroughly dry. Even a little moisture left behind is enough for mildew to develop. Next, stuff each shoe with muslin. If you aren't able to get your hands on any, you can use paper as long as it's acid-free. Lastly, for shoes like boots, ensure you are storing them in an upright position to prevent creasing.

Get more wear out of your shoes and protect your investment by storing your shoes properly. Call a company like Gorst Self Storage to rent a storage unit. 

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