Keeping Your Sales Team Ready

When you run a retail business, you need to consider your salespeople as athletes. Sure, not all of them may look like sprinters, but their positive mindset and their endurance are vital to your company's success. As a business owner, you can help keep them in top sales form if you give them the basic tools. 


Keeping a fresh, easily accessible water source is vital for your team's performance. Many people wrongly turn to caffeine to give them a boost, but both coffee and soda are diuretics, meaning they help remove needed water from your body. Drinking between 9 and 13 cups of water each day is necessary to burn the calories and fat you need to produce the energy that allows you to properly perform your job. Water promotes proper digestion as well. If your sales team drinks enough water, they will be more likely to sell effectively throughout the day and avoid those energy lapses toward the workday's end. Of course, management needs to consume enough water as well to remain mentally alert and on top of business developments. You will help everyone if you have pure water delivered to your location every week by companies like Olympic Springs Bottled Water


You are required by law to give your employees a certain number of breaks throughout the day. Providing the right environment for those breaks is important for their happiness and productivity. For instance, if your break room is a dingy little nook hidden among the warehouse merchandise, your employees will not recharge adequately. You should spend a little money on creating a restful place that offers enough space to exercise, meditate, or simply eat. That way employees can truly unwind and come back to the sales floor refreshed. Otherwise, they will likely flee the premises during their breaks to huddle in their cars or make a dash to the nearest fast food establishment. They will not be relaxed when they return, and their performance will suffer. Premier athletes have lovely training rooms, and even their locker rooms are nice. Your team deserves the same treatment.

If you believe in your sales force, show them by providing the right tools for their success. Simply giving them access to an unlimited supply of quality water and providing a nice break room can go far toward improving their mental and physical wellbeing. Providing these things will not cost you much money but will likely improve your profit margin. 

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