3 Types of Attacks You Should Know About When Creating an Anti-Terrorist Security Plan for Your Business

With global terrorist activity on the rise, more and more business owners are expressing concern over the protection of their company and employees against a terrorist attack. Being able to create a secure anti-terrorism plan for your company ensures that you will be prepared to deal with terrorist activities that may be targeting companies in your area in the future.

Here are three specific types of attacks you should be aware of, and some simple tips to help you create a plan to deal with these attacks in the future.

1. Chemical Attacks

Although there hasn't been a chemical attack on American soil yet, the threat of chemical agents being used by terrorist cells is very real. In order to create a comprehensive anti-terrorist security plan for your small business, you must know how to identify and react to a chemical attack.

One simple way to identify potential chemical threats is by investing in colorimetric tubes to be placed strategically throughout your company's building and on any commercial job sites you may be working on.

Colorimetric tubes contain chemicals that are designed to react with harmful chemicals they detect in the air. These detection devices can help alert you and your employees to the presence of a chemical threat with enough time to evacuate the premises before the chemical toxins can cause serious harm.

2. Biological Attacks

Biological agents like anthrax can cause significant damage when used by a terrorist organization. If you want to ensure that your small company is protected against potential attacks using a biological agent, you should invest in a biological monitoring device.

Place the device in your company's mail room, since biological agents are commonly shipped in packages and envelopes. The incorporation of a biological monitoring device into your company's anti-terrorist security plan will help ensure the safety and security of your business well into the future.

3. Explosive Attacks

Bombs seem to be a popular weapon used by terrorist organizations targeting companies in the United States. Guarding against an explosives attack can be challenging, but training your employees to identify a potential bomber can be the first step in protecting your company against harm.

Institute an education program as part of your anti-terrorist security plan. Help employees recognize individuals that may seem nervous, are exhibiting inconsistent behavior, and fail to respond to direct commands. These are some of the tell-tale signs of a bomber, so being able to identify these individuals will help your employees better protect themselves (and your company) against an explosive attack in the future.

Being able to guard against chemical, biological, and explosive attacks will help you create an anti-terrorist security plan that will provide maximum protection for your business in the future.

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