Balancing Home Life With Work Life: 3 Types Of Office Furniture That Will Allow Parents To Bring Their Children To Work

Americans are hard workers, and it's not unusual for both parents to work even if they have children. Today, 46% of households have both parent working full-time. As a result, many companies are becoming more lenient by allowing parents to bring their children with them to work occasionally. In these situations and circumstances, the office furniture and environment must also be suitable for the children. Here are 3 types of commercial furniture that you want to place in rooms that will be used by both your employees and their children.

Adjustable Stools

While office chairs tend to be more ergonomic and can encourage better posture, they are difficult to move around. In addition, most office chairs are rather large and might not be comfortable for children. Adjustable stools can accommodate not only adults, but also children, as they tend to be much lighter in weight and allow for more adjustability in terms of stool height.

Standing Desks

One of the main benefits of standing desks is their adjustability. Anyone can use one and adjust the desk to the appropriate height for their needs. By installing standing desks in the shared space, you won't have to purchase furniture for both your employees and your children, as the standing desks can be easily shared. Standing desks also help reduce the risk of obesity and weight gain, as employees will lose an additional 170 calories a day just by standing rather than sitting when they are working.

Full-Sized Cupboards

Give everyone sufficient room to store their belongings – especially if you're going to allow your employees to bring their children into a shared space. Install full-sized cupboards that extend to the floor. Young children will mainly use the lower rungs of the cupboards while the top rungs will mostly be reserved for adults. Choose open cupboards that do not come with cabinet doors. Since all of the items stored in the cupboards can be easily seen, there's less of a chance that anyone will leave their belongings behind.


By allowing your employees to bring their children to work, you can really set your company apart from other competition. There are many clients and customers that will be happy that your company supports the ever-changing family dynamics of this century. Find commercial furniture to furnish a shared space within the office, and you'll find that your company dynamics will also strengthen and flourish. Your employees will get to know each other better and will be able to build stronger relationships.

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