Enticing Potential Buyers To Make A Bid On A Home For Sale

If you are trying to sell a home and you are unfortunately not receiving any offers from potential buyers, you may want to take a look at the house and its property in detail to see if there are any improvements you can make to have it seem more attractive. There are several ways a seller can make a home more appealing to those who come to take a look at its interior. Here are a few simple steps you can take to improve the atmosphere within the home in an attempt to grab a few offers for purchase as a result.

Use The Power Of Scent To Make The Home Inviting

The odor one smells when they walk into a home will be the first impression a potential buyer will have of what you are selling. This impression will often make an impact on whether they feel favorable about the home overall. If they are greeted with mustiness or dampness due to a home sitting without inhabitants, this could lead to their disapproval in the home. Instead of having someone feel uncertain about a home because of its odor, entice them to look around a bit more because there are desirable odors throughout instead. 

Bake some treats and make a pot of coffee to leave with the realtor showing the home so that potential guests not only have the complimentary gesture in food and drink to enjoy but also will have everyday scents greeting them when they walk into the door. Leave a scented candle in each bathroom or a basket of potpourri in bedrooms to liven the senses. Do not place too many scented items in one area, however, as this could be overpowering.

Add Some Appealing Furniture To Attract Buyers

If the home you are selling is unfurnished, consider renting some model home furniture to place inside so people visiting will have an idea of the space allotted in each room. This will also make the home appear lived in, helping those looking inside to visualize what their own home may look like once it is furnished.

Stick to one theme or era of furnishing when you rent pieces for the home. If you mix contemporary with rustic in the home, it will alter the flow of the home's character. Even if potential buyers are not thrilled with the furnishing type you have selected, they will be better able to imagine what their own furnishings would look like in the home as they could simply swap out your pieces for their own style in their mind as they walk through the home. 

Stick With Neutral Color Schemes To Allow Buyers To Visualize Choices

If your home has bright-colored walls or carpeting, think about switching it out for blander choices instead. This will give potential buyers the ability to visualize what their own decorating style would look like within each room.

Stick with neutral shades as they will work well with almost any shade of furnishing a buyer would bring into the home. If there are flashy colors or textures present, people viewing the rooms may become distracted. The wrong interior wall and flooring selections will deter them from the home if they cannot see their own style working with the current appearance.

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