A Unique Memorial For A Loved One

There are many ways that people have memorialized a loved one after cremation. Traditionally, a person's cremated remains were either contained within an urn and displayed or scattered in an appropriate location during a memorial service. Some of these locations where ashes were scattered include mountain tops, deserts and at sea. There are other unique objects that can be made to contain a loved one's cremated remains. Some of these objects include the following: 

  • Synthetic Diamonds - Companies that make synthetic diamonds can mix cremated remains into the pure carbon used to make these laboratory-grown gems. The carbon is then super heated and pressurized to form individual jewels. These jewels can be made in many colors and sizes and then faceted, polished and made into jewelry.  
  • Glass Beads or Paperweights - Companies who make glass can mix cremated remains into silica before it is formed under high heat and pressure into glass. The glass can then be used to make glass beads for jewelry or paperweights. This method can also be used when making sheets of stained glass before they are made into memorial plates or windows. 
  • Precious Metals - Companies that sell gold and silver can blend cremated remains into the molten metals before they are formed into bars to be made into jewelry. Jewelers can then cast these metals into unique pendants, bracelets, earrings, brooches or lockets.
  • Memorial Hourglasses - Companies who make hourglasses can use a loved one's cremated remains instead of sand in the glass vial of the hourglass. The vial can then be inserted into a metal holder and displayed. 
  • Ceramics - Companies that create ceramics can mix cremated remains into raw clay and then use the clay to create a memorial statue that can be displayed or buried as desired. 
  • Personal Memorial Urns - Companies who make urns can convert a personal object into a memorial urn for cremated remains. These personal objects are completely sealed on the inside and outside to be leakproof and waterproof. Examples of personal objects that have been made into urns include a violin case, a prized football, and a pair of cowboy boots.  
  • Fireworks Displays - Companies who make fireworks can mix cremated remains into their pyrotechnic chemicals before they are assembled into fireworks. These fireworks can then be blasted into the sky to create a dazzling fireworks display at a memorial service. 
  • Weather Balloons - Cremated remains can be inserted into a weather balloon before it is released into the sky. Weather balloons may reach altitudes of 25 miles or more before atmospheric pressure causes the balloon to expand to such a degree that it disintegrates and the ashes are scattered. 

There are many ways that people have memorialized a loved one by turning their cremated remains to unique and personal objects. Some of these objects include clocks, birdbaths, wind chimes, motorcycle gas tanks and even sending them into out space. The possibilities are endless. You are truly only limited by your imagination. 

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