At-Home Carpet Cleaning Solutions

Has your dog accidentally used your carpet floors as a bathroom? If so, making sure this mess is taken care of immediately is critical, as you want to avoid any stains from settling in and prevent your carpet from developing a horrible odor. If a professional carpet cleaning service is out of your budget, you may find it much easier to utilize at-home carpet cleaning methods, such as:

White Vinegar Solutions:

White vinegar is a great cleaning solution. Not only does it kill bacteria, mold, and germs, but it also eliminates odor. Urine accidents from dogs can definitely leave a strong odor, which is why using this solution is a great at-home remedy to ensuring that the accident on your carpet doesn't ruin your carpet and doesn't impact the smell of your home. Another benefit to using this solution is that it is eco-friendly, baby safe, and pet safe, which means you don't have to worry about your young children or pets getting sick if they become exposed to the clean up area.

Dishwashing Soap:

Using dish soap is a great at-home method, as the oil in dish soap helps break down particles and kill off bacteria, as well as odors. Not only will dish soap help remove stains and prevent odors, but it will allow you to mask the odor that does get left behind on your carpet. This will allow your carpet to continue to look new and smell new, which is definitely what you're trying to achieve when cleaning your carpet after a stressful pet accident.

Baking Soda:

Baking soda is a helpful solution if you are worried about stains. Applying baking soda onto the accident spot and damping it with a wet towel is a great way to remove stains, as the reaction of the baking soda will help lift grime, dirt, and any lingering pet accident off from your carpet. This will ensure that stains do not set and that odor is removed completely. So, if you are worried about stains occurring, definitely be sure that you consider this method.

With these three cleaning solutions, you will be able to clean your carpet immediately after your dog's accident, which will help keep your carpet clean and free from horrible odors and stains. They are also good for the environment, meaning that you don't have to use unsafe chemicals. If the stains are serious and you need professional help, contact a carpet cleaning company.

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